Current Covid Information – Tuesday 20th October

We are currently in tier 1 here in Belper, so as far as things are concerned with visiting us in general, not much has changed.

  • Face masks to be worn at all times when not seated to eat or drink
  • Temperature check on entry
  • Each guest scans NHS QR code on entry or provides contact tracing information
  • Table service only
  • Bookings limited to 6 guests unless one household
  • 10pm closure (all guests to have left the premises by this time)

We have some tier 2 areas nearby, which means that the rules differ slightly for guests coming from these places

You may only dine with members of your own family or support bubble (1 additional adult that lives alone or a single parent family where the children were under 18 as at 12th June 2020)

As always we ask that you follow the rules in place to help us keep the risk to a minimum and keep everyone as safe as possible. Please get in touch if you need any further information and we’ll try to help!

Covid updates – Thursday 24th September

Lots of changes to the rules in the next few days…here’s what you need to know!

When you book:
❌We can’t take bookings over 6 people (unless you’re one household)
❌We can’t split a larger booking over two or more tables
✅We allocate 1 hour and 45 minutes for each table unless agreed otherwise
✅We’ll open from 5.30pm on Saturdays
✅Last bookings will be 8.15pm

❗️We recommend downloading the app prior to your visit to simplify the check in process

When you arrive:
✅Our staff will greet you and check your temperature
✅You will need to scan the NHS test and trace QR code with your smart phone (shown below – you will need the Test and Trace app for this which you can download for free) or we will manually take your contact details
✅We will take you directly to a table (either your dining table or a table for drinks)

Whilst visiting our premises:
✅ You must wear a face covering (unless exempt) at all times when not seated
✅We continue to only offer table service – please do not approach either bar area with orders or enquiries
❌You cannot mingle with other guests or stop to talk with other tables

Leaving our premises:
✅We will close at 10pm. All customers need to vacate the premises by this time
❗️We recommend that you have a taxi booked if you need one as we would imagine it will be busy

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support

New opening hours and safety measures

From Thursday 24th September our opening hours will be as follows:

Tuesday – Friday: 6pm until 10pm

Saturday: 5.30pm until 10pm

We have made some changes to ensure that we can continue to operate throughout the period that the 10pm curfew remains in place.

  • Tables booked in the earlier sitting are reserved for 1 hour and 45 minutes to allow for sanitising and safe preparation for the next guests
  • Last bookings/orders will be at 8.15pm

COVID secure measures

There’s been a lot of changes to dining since COVID-19 came along and we realise it’s frustrating not being able to do the things that we’d normally do.

We’re priding ourselves on the efforts we’re making to reduce the spread of coronavirus here at Armando’s. We aren’t perfect, we’re learning as we go – as is everyone else, and it has been a challenge to reopen and change our working practices.

Although the vast majority of customers have embraced our new ways of working, there are some points we would like to reiterate and clarify to make your visit a smooth one.

  1. When you visit our restaurant, bar or hotel, you will be temperature checked on entry to the premises to ensure that you don’t have a fever
  2. We will check contact tracing details to make sure our records are accurate
  3. We are operating a reduced capacity, as are all restaurants at the moment. To ensure we can accommodate as many guests as safely as possible, we reserve your table for 2 hours and then have a scheduled cleaning & sanitising slot to prepare for the next sitting. Please arrive on time and order promptly to ensure that your evening is comfortable and not rushed. If you will be late, need more time or cannot make a booking, please let us know in advance where possible so that we can adjust our plan for the evening.
  4. Please remember the rules on who you are allowed to meet with when booking and if you bump into others at our premises – these are not our rules but we are required to ensure that we operate safely and we need your help with this
  5. Please familiarise yourself with our COVID-secure measures on our website prior to visiting and please follow our guidelines whilst on our premises

Please do not take out frustrations on our staff who are simply doing their job. This is a challenging time for everyone. If any explanation of the guidelines are required, we are happy to help.

Thank you so much for all your support 李

Updated information about bookings

We will be contacting anyone who has bookings affected by the new guidance.
Please get in touch with any queries.

✅ Bookings will be limited to a maximum of 6 people (unless same household/support bubble)
✅ We continue to ask that all guests remain within their party, even if you see someone you know
✅ We will still be temperature checking all guests on arrival and confirm your details for contact tracing
✅ Our staff all temperature check at the start of each shift and wear masks for close proximity service

Apart from the obvious effect on bookings, we hope that we can continue much as we have. Our focus remains on the safety of our customers and staff.
Thank you for all your support.

Booking at Armando’s under current social distancing guidelines

We’re getting a lot of enquiries about the guidelines for bookings and what we should all be doing in regards to meeting up with other households.

The guidance is below.

We are currently only taking bookings for 2 households/support bubbles on a table. We will continue to do so until the guidance changes.

We realise that this must be frustrating when trying to make arrangements. Please understand that we are just following the government guidance here to protect our staff, customers and ourselves.

Thank you!

We’re over the moon to receive this award from Trip Advisor.

Thank you so much to our amazing staff, wonderful suppliers and our fabulous customers for visiting and reviewing us 💛

Reopening next week – Friday July 10th

Best of luck to everyone opening up this weekend!
We’re closed this weekend but reopen next Friday 10th July

At present, we are fully booked over the weekends through July, but we have a cancellation list operating for each day and still some limited availability during the weeknights Tuesday – Thursday

We’ll be updating you with our safety measures to help keep the spread of covid-19 at bay over the next week