COVID secure measures

There’s been a lot of changes to dining since COVID-19 came along and we realise it’s frustrating not being able to do the things that we’d normally do.

We’re priding ourselves on the efforts we’re making to reduce the spread of coronavirus here at Armando’s. We aren’t perfect, we’re learning as we go – as is everyone else, and it has been a challenge to reopen and change our working practices.

Although the vast majority of customers have embraced our new ways of working, there are some points we would like to reiterate and clarify to make your visit a smooth one.

  1. When you visit our restaurant, bar or hotel, you will be temperature checked on entry to the premises to ensure that you don’t have a fever
  2. We will check contact tracing details to make sure our records are accurate
  3. We are operating a reduced capacity, as are all restaurants at the moment. To ensure we can accommodate as many guests as safely as possible, we reserve your table for 2 hours and then have a scheduled cleaning & sanitising slot to prepare for the next sitting. Please arrive on time and order promptly to ensure that your evening is comfortable and not rushed. If you will be late, need more time or cannot make a booking, please let us know in advance where possible so that we can adjust our plan for the evening.
  4. Please remember the rules on who you are allowed to meet with when booking and if you bump into others at our premises – these are not our rules but we are required to ensure that we operate safely and we need your help with this
  5. Please familiarise yourself with our COVID-secure measures on our website prior to visiting and please follow our guidelines whilst on our premises

Please do not take out frustrations on our staff who are simply doing their job. This is a challenging time for everyone. If any explanation of the guidelines are required, we are happy to help.

Thank you so much for all your support 李